Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil Kim gets her Revenge

Lil Kim comes for Nikki with her Black Friday diss

The Temple 10

DJ Khaled & friends were in the building for the annual Temple in Miami's King of Diamonds hosted by Don King with performances from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T- Pain ,amp; Diddy & others like Wiz Kalifa & Miami's own Briscoe


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shame on you Fantasia

Fantasia testified in court yesterday that  "she knew Antwaun was still married and living with his wife when they first got together and that she also was pregnant with his baby around the suicide attempt time...yes i said pregnant! "SHAME ON YOU"   wasn't she pregnant with young Dro's baby?? geesh Fannie  use a condom especially with a married man.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Louis Stewart still the new it bag

Rhianna was spotted after the AMA's rockin' her  Louis Stewart PInk Ostrich Leather set & her pink cashmere wool Louis Stewart cap.

Melo launched his M7 shoe line

1 of Oprah's favorite things Jay-Z 's book "Decoded"

Oprah says she had an "AH HA"  moment when she read the Jay's book so she gave it away on paret 1 of her favorite things.

Monica tweeted a pic of her & her new Laker game bff's

Monica tweeted a pic of her Khloe & Kim @ the Lakers game.She was there to support her fiancĂ©e Shannon Brown

s/n Kim was also there being really chatty with Halle Berry's baby daddy

Rhianna gave Nikki a lil Luv tap

a few Hott or not celebs hit the 2010 AMA red carpet

RHOA Kim preggors????

Wow Kim didn't waste anytime with the dancer with the" nice ass" (her words not mine) by getting knocked up from the Atlanta Falcons football player Kroy Biermann.  Wow this chick is a big lier after she vehemently denied the rumors on watch what happens live Sunday night asking "do i look fat"...yeah fat & pregnant u big lier! We wonder what Big Poppa has to say about that?

Lil Wayne's jail release party wrapp up

In case u missed it!


we know u missed the private party

Basketball Wives season 2:

Basketball Wives season 2 looks like it's going to be bigger & better  with the addition of a couple new chicks especially with fire cracker Tammi Anderson from Real World 2... Evevlyn better watch out cuz she aint having it!!!! take a look

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diddy & Cassie engaged??

Well folks it is possible that Diddy loves someone more than himself.Word is he popped the question to his long time undercover girlfriend Cassie at The Velvet Room in ATL on Sunday at the Dirty Money.Congrats to the happy couple!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When the cat's away(T.I) the mouse will play(Tiny)

 Tiny is back  to her old ways while her hubby T.I  has gone to do his 11month sentence.  Tiny went back to red hair, hanging out with her bestie Toya despite the rumors that the awesome twosome were no longer speaking and we heard that she will be returning for another season of Tiny & Toya .Toya looks like she joined the NeNe Leaks club and got her a lil  nip & tuck on her nose... either way they both look fabulous!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nikki Minaj murders the track:

 Nikki Minaj throws down on the song "Roman's Revenge" she defiantly burst shots at Lil Kim and basically telling her enough is enough. This  beef just got interesting..and I hope Lil Kim choke slams her ass with lyrics because Nikki Minaj just handed her career to her and told her she's trying to use her to collect money because her career is over  and calls her a has been*fighting words* ......... So ladies just keep it on wax and show people that women are relevant in Hip Hop and can spit just like men ....and  Kim your fans need you to to show Nikki that Classic's are like fine wine  you just get better with time..........

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black folks did not go out and vote

Black folks only made up 4.5% of the voting population on yesterday in the mid term election.So don't all you black folks complain when you feel like the Prez isn't doing enough for you! That alone shows you how black people stand together! Whats the problem with us ?? do we not like our President or is it that people just don't care anymore??? Come on people keep the dream alive Whatever the reason we need to do better for our children's future and for ourselves... 

Toya Carter opens up boutique

Antonia "Toya" Carter  reality star of the hit show Tiny & Toya  which is suppose to get revived since Tiny's hubby T.I has gone back to jail (remember he didn't want Tiny to be apart of the show anymore).  had her grand opening for  her boutique called GARB Boutique in ATL the other day.All of her ATLiens were there to support except Tiny. 

Congrats to her now she can add entrepreneur to her resume.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rock the Vote NBA style:

Miami Heat Superstar Dwayne Wade was spotted with Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek in Miami,Fl  as he place his early vote. " i hope you voted for me"  is probably what he's talking aboutRock The Vote!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diddy is sending death threats to Kim Porter's special friend

Kim Porter & Jackie long have been seen partying all across town and Diddy is upset!!!Rumor has it that Diddy is  jealous of Kim and Jackie (the dude from ATL) special friendship that he is sending death threats. Word is Jackie is not taking Diddy's threats lightly(i'll erase you off the face of the earth* in Diddy 's voice*)that he is filing a police report...stay tuned lets c how this plays out...

Ciara celebrates her 25th Bday

Ciara along with Kim K celebrated her birthday at Greenhouse in Nyc...but there was no LaLa no Serena or no 50...where did all of bff's go especially since CiCi attends all of there events....

Shaunie Oneal was at the Lakers game with her young boo

As Jeenie Buss was  getting interviewed you can see in the back ground the Shaunie(Shaq's ex) was sitting in between Phil (Puffy's manager) and her younger boo Marlon go girl!!!!!!
check out the video:

Beyonce' & Jay- Z hit the Nets home opener

Queen B & Jay along with nephew Juelz hit the Nets game as they take on the Pistons to pull off a victory. The Carter's looked happy and in love.

Mariah Carey announces she's pregnant

and to think people thought this couple wouldn't last....but if you check out there body language the twosome look like there in Love & are committed to each other!!!! awwwww

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When did Fab &Amber Rose hook up?

The internet is buzzing about Amber Rose being pregnant and Fabolous is the father....Fab is already involved in a relationship with his longtime gf,so lets see how this works out!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Man shoots teen in the ass for sagging pants

The AJC is reporting that a 45-year-old Memphis man angry over two teens’ sagging pants shot one in the buttocks during an argument. The man now faces aggravated assault charges. All this over some A$$. People I understand that you might not want to see someone else ass but if it has nothing to do wit you mind yo business. You don’t have to pull out a gun and almost kill someone for sagging pants.Police Sgt. Ron Perry said the teens refused and the three began arguing in the street. Bonds then brandished a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to shoot the teens.

ATL's Hot 107.9 The durty boyz spoof Eddie Long "no hands"

Eddie Long - No Hands [SPOOF] via @IAmGwoods from IAmGwoods on Vimeo.

T.I to take 6 months in jail

Word is T.I. and his lawyers are working hard on a plea agreement for his recent arrest in L.A. The agreement will be that T.I will take 6 more months in jail so that his  wife Tiny will remain free to raise there kids.. and you thought T.I. was gonna make Tiny take the charge

Rhianna & Mat Kemp together and in Paris

Miami Dade Police says gang members look like Jay-z

Behind the scenes of Ricky Rozay Aston Martin music

Just in case you missed the Drake concert in Miami here's a clip

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mario arrested for attacking his mother

Mario was arrested in Baltimore this morning for 2nd degree assault on his mom and since has been released on $50,000 bond