Monday, May 31, 2010

Club Liv finale

Club Liv on Miami Beach is super packed tonight with super stars like Diddy as he shuts Miami down again at the ultra exclusive finale party going down tonight........

Best of the Best

The best of the best concert was super packed for the Urban beach weekend festivities artist like Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Diddy, Nikki Ninaj,shut the concert down to more than over 20 thousand people

Sunday, May 30, 2010 she say:

FirstladyEve Evelyn Lozado (Basketball Wives) made it known today via "Twitter" that her and Chris Brown are not dating .Isn't this the same chick that was so against Twitter on the show..But then again she is always talking about it but not being about it.

Gucci Mane Ballin in Miami

Gucci Mane and Wocka Flocka Flame came thru 99Jamz and TAKE 1 LOUNGE (and made the girls day spending over 10 stacks) today during some of Miami's Urban Beach weekend festivites!!GUCCI

Kat Stacks got smacked

Some guys Bi*ch slappd Kat Stack around ,they told her it was for Bow Wow and Fab..Kat Stack said she was gonna sue..We don't agree with guys putting there hands on women no matter the reason...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rick Ross and Diddy got the party started:

Rick Ross and Diddy got the party started last nite at Club Play on Miami Beach along with his D-List celebrity friends like Al Reynolds, Evelyn Lazado and company from basketball wives , the party was brought to you by Puppy Inc...Here's a lil bit of the video..

Diddy & Rick Ross Perform - Oh Let's Do It at Club Play Memorial Day Weekend from on Vimeo.

Gary Coleman dies at 42:

Gary Coleman lit up the screen in the 1970's in the hit TV series "Different Strokes.Coleman was

Born with failed kidneys, and had undergone two transplants by age 14 and his growth was permanently stunted by the side effects of dialysis medications.

his adult height was 4 feet 8 inches.He died at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage earlier this week, according to a statement from hospital spokeswoman .He had been hospitalized Wednesday and lost consciousness the next day. He was taken off life support Friday afternoon with his family at his side, the hospital said.

If u were Kim Porter you would put up with Diddy too:

Diddy bought his baby momma Kim Porter this beautiful house.We no why she put up with him all these years..she said if u can't beat em join em...Now take this Cassie and whoever else BUYER: Sean Combs for Kim Porter LOCATION: Toluca Lake, CA PRICE: $5,250,000 SIZE: 9,655 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms

Common has a new boo

According to Common has a new woman and it 's not Serena....we like Serena but she was too athletic for him.This chick is more your speed Common more womanly.Her name is Pekela and she's from Florida

Soulja Boy has a sex tape*warning*

Well allegedly This is Soulja Boy getting his whistle blowed *warning graphic sounds and the link for 13 sec video

Congrats are in order for Alicia Keys:

We told you A.Keys was preggors..her rep admits her and Swizz is expecting..I wonder how Mashonda feels about that?Gosh how long have they been together?? Folks don't put in time in there relationship before they go and get preggors...we can tell who is not practicing safe sex.

Neffe keeps getting lucky with reality

Well isn't this ghetto foolishness what we've been waiting for Neffe gets a reality show along with Solo and the rest of the kids...(just what we need) The show is called: Neffe & Solo Family Tree the show will be about their wedding all the kids and the projects they are working on..Let's just hope Neffe is happy now no more shows filled with crying" the ugly cry at that" because we wouldn't want it to be a man down situation....holllllaaaaa

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ms.Jackson if u nasty:

Janet Jackson looked amazing on the finale of America Idol last night!!!Looked not sound(lip singing as usual) but that's just we love the new do? all in all her body is amazing and we're glad she's working with a new stylist

50cent is on the crack diet

50cent looking like alien nation with that drasstic weight lost for his upcoming movie role...all i have to say is 50 please eat a loaf of bread!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

twin girls murder there mom:

Police have charged Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead, a pair of 16-year-old twin girls, with murder.Conyers police arrested they girls friday after an investigation that began in January, when the girls' mother was found dead.The two are charged as adults with the murder of Jarmecca Whitehead, who was found stabbed to death in her home on Jan. 13.

Monday, May 24, 2010

NeNe's new nose:

This is just a case of people getting plastic surgery when they don't need it!!!!!!!!!

Hov and Lil Kim back together again:

Lil Kim has reportedly signed on with Jay-Z's Roc Nation label to gear up for her comeback. Move over Nikki Minaj the real Queen B is back.I hope she brings the heat so she can compete: Congrats Lil Kim it defaintly is a Big Momma Thang

Juanita Bynum and Matthrew Knowles a couple:

Matthew is a step up from Bishop Thomas Weeks being that he was abrusive and semi gay....Matthew only problem is he likes to tip out and make babies since is two daughters are grown(pray for him Juanita)..Beyonce is still angry with her dad for cheating on her mom and having a child out of wed lock! will it be a reunion since Queen Bey is looking towards having her own bundle of JOY sometime in the near future???

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How u doin' Kanye?

Just when we were gonna put out an A.P.B Kanye West he finally resurfaces in SoHo this weekend. He hit a couple of clubs to preview some tracks off his next album(we here it is a banger). Don't count on seeing Amber Rose with him he already paid her off in a multi-million dollar keep quiet about our relationship deal

Alicia Keys is doing the unthinkable:

Alicia Keys photoed at her concert in Holland and it looks like she has a baby bump.I guess if u ask her she's ready..."the unthinkable" as her lyrics in her song are playing out in real life....i don't even think the ink is dry on those divorce papers from Swizzy and Mashonda..Any way congrats A.Keys...She and Queen Bey seem to have been bitten by the pregnancy bug...those will be some of the most talented babies of the DECADE

Friday, May 21, 2010

Queen Bey looking full again

The Carter's and The Smith hooked up after the they saw the Broadway musical "Fela" which the Smith's produce. Queen Bey was looking full and fat faced still...and the jumper Bey is rocking defiantly isn't helping the rumor mill....

Looking red carpet fabolous a1st Lady:

Michelle looking fab at the white house state dinner

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Queen Bey in D.C looking like she got a lil tummy:

Queen Bey leaving her hotel on her way to perform for President Obama at the The White House for the 2nd state dinner.BTW: IS IT ME OR DOES QUEEN BEY LOOK LIKE SHE GOT A LIL TUMMY----i never believed the other rumors but she looks like she's glowing :the girls are out to play :the abdomen area is looking a little full.all the signs say ++++ !!!lets just wait and see.....but just in case...........""_""Congrats Queen Bey lil Brooklyn Knowles Carter will be the baby of the decade!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BET award 2010 nominations are in:

Jay-z is leading the nominations along with his wifey Queen Bey, Trey Songz, Nikki Minaj Melonie Fiona and Drake all have 4 nods each! Queen Latifah is slated to host the 10 year anniversary show, it is set to go down Sunday June 27 in Los Angeles

Kat Stacks finally arrived

Kat Stack finally has shoot rite up there with the rest of the girls with these naked pics that have hit the net. We were wondering what was taken the pics so long ..u haven't reach the pinnacle of your career if the naked pic don't hit the net! We must say her bod looks great and she too is another 1 that got it from the needle instead of mother nature!!!

Who gone check you Wacka

At a video shoot in Atlanta rival gang member calls Wacka Flocka out!he alleges that he was the one who gonna whoop Wacka Flocka on sight...Gucci Mane was there to but he tod Gucci he was ok>>>Now who gone check him Wacka Flocka boo?

Gucci on the grind:

Gucci came out of jail on fire. Since May 12 Gucci been on the grind he has recorded 3 music video and enough tracks to fill an album not to mentioned the tracks he already had before going to jail!!! BURRR Take a look at KeyshiaDior who seems to have gotten with the ATL trent and got those new curves from the needle and not from mother nature!! "I'm Just Saying.....

KeyshiaDior and Kmart?

It seems that Keyshia is a well-known video “model” whose ample, botox enhanced curves and numerous cosmetic procedures has earned her exclusive membership into that small community of elite video vixens who regularly appear in rap music videos. She has been featured in music projects for Lil Wayne, Young Money and Drake.

According to her “manager” Janero Marchand, a law student who prowls daily in search of “clients” — Keyshia is “100% Jamaican homegrown.

a twitter chic named Caprice put her out there: Keyshia is a “stylist” sometimes video model but in reality she does hair in Boca Raton, FL not far from Miami in her house. Her video model name is KeyshiaDior. She has 3 kids, 2 baby fathers (both deadbeat). Industry age is 25 but her real age is like 31 or 32 something like that. Real Name Keisha Watson. Drive a black Escalade and Burgundy Benz and supposedly is ALSO sleeping with Kenyon Martin...wonder what Trina has to say about that?

Hov auctioned off his Audemar

Jay and Nick was spotted in NYC at the Audemars Piguet and Tony Awards after party. Jay actioned off his watch for a little over 200k.Jay was looking dapper as usual... you 2 Nick

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lebron James momma is having relations with Delonte West

Rumors are swirling that Gloria James and Delonte West are having an that why Lebron is off his game and wants to leave Cleveland? It better not be any "yo momma" jokes in that locker room! Delonte that's a no no.....but who are we to say! I guess Momma Lebron is indeed a m.i.l.f and that beige boys are making a come back! Lets just stay tuned.....

Chad Johnson started filming his Reality Show

Chad started filming his dating reality show in west hollywood can't wait to see sexual chocolate x's 2... especially if his BFF Terrell Owens is gonna be there.

Gucci Mane Welcome Home dinner

Gucci Mane held his welcome home dinner at the swanky Georgian Terrace Hotel. Steps Events coordinated this event in less than 24 hours. Gucci Mane had some of his celeb ATLiens attend Sean Garrett. Khandi, Waka Flocka who can defiantly appreciate being out of the slammer: Jazzi Phe,Big Boi(not pictured) Shawty Lo and Monica with that fabulous handbag and it!

The guests dined on filet mignon, miniature beef Wellington, peekytoe crab salad, pecan crusted chicken, bananas foster and free flowing champagne ! welcome home again" Gucci" BURRRR!! now if we can just understand what your saying