Tuesday, May 18, 2010

KeyshiaDior and Kmart?

It seems that Keyshia is a well-known video “model” whose ample, botox enhanced curves and numerous cosmetic procedures has earned her exclusive membership into that small community of elite video vixens who regularly appear in rap music videos. She has been featured in music projects for Lil Wayne, Young Money and Drake.

According to her “manager” Janero Marchand, a law student who prowls Twitter.com daily in search of “clients” — Keyshia is “100% Jamaican homegrown.

a twitter chic named Caprice put her out there: Keyshia is a “stylist” sometimes video model but in reality she does hair in Boca Raton, FL not far from Miami in her house. Her video model name is KeyshiaDior. She has 3 kids, 2 baby fathers (both deadbeat). Industry age is 25 but her real age is like 31 or 32 something like that. Real Name Keisha Watson. Drive a black Escalade and Burgundy Benz and supposedly is ALSO sleeping with Kenyon Martin...wonder what Trina has to say about that?

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