Friday, May 14, 2010

Are our fave BFF's getting the plug?

Well we all no T.I.P doesn't want his fiance' Tiny to work. People at BET are talking about TI sending a cease order for our favorite gal pals to stop Tiny and Toya's #1 show. Word is TI doesn't like the way Tiny is portrayed and he really doesn't want her to work.Lucky girl ...she can rock every Gucci, LV and any other expensive bag,car. and shoe thanxx to TIP.Cu-doss Toya for getting spin off . TI said it was ok while he was in to prison but he's home now and Tiny needs to focus on him and the fam." That's just selfish TIP we all love Tiny and like the way she is portrayed just a regular down home sister homey and friend.

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