Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jay-z to manage Bey

It's no secret that Beyonce and her father Matthew Knowles have drifted apart. Beyonce wants to make it official sometime this year...word is her hubby Jay-z and company will manage her.This should make a great collaboration and sold out tours...Jay-z as Beyonce's manager is totality an "upgrade"

Memphis Blac and Smokahontas Jones talk about prostitution

Some would call them hood rats but i call em street walker philosophers...take a listen:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Toya Carter engaged

Toya showed up to the Hoodie Awards yesterday in Vegas looking FIERCE wearing her new smile and an engagement ring!!!!
Congrats to her and Memphiz

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The couple that tweets together

Carmelo & LaLa Anthony took to there twitter pages to snap on Kat Stacks after she asked him if he tasted like caremel and questioned his loyalty to LaLa. Carmelo  and Kat Stacks got into a lil twitter beef  and he posted  an offer to "anyone who would slap the shit out of her pigeon face ass" .. and of course LaLa  co signed again .....

 actually this is so unclassy of both LaLa and Carmelo she should be telling him to stop, not encouraging him.

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

The King of Pop would have been 52 today. Happy Birthday MJ gone but defiantly not forgotten .

Kanye West Monster ft Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nikki Minaj

Lauren Hill is back

Lauren Hil is back and performed at Rock the Bells in New York she brought out  Mary J,  Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats and Jay- Z who were all there to support her return!

"We the Best" DJ Khaled signs with Cash Money

Birdman signs DJ Khaled to Cash Money and and throws a yacht party to celebrate in Miami 
"We the Best"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Real Housewives of Miami 5* Birthday

 RHOM chick Ronda celebrated her birthday with a exclusive dinner party at Prime 112 and then danced the night  away  at a  private party at Karma ! Ronda was showered with exquisite gifts and all the hw's were there to support...top l to r Anika,Ronda,Sandy below Hott, Pinkey and Miss Beauty!!!!It's safe to say 5* chicks doing 5 * sh*t!!!! What a fabulous night indeed!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kat Stacks says Soulja boy can't crank dat:

and says  Soulja boy does coke.....

Hoopz and Shaq spotted again:

Shaq and Hoopz were spotted again... this time at the Waffle House...These 2 are making there rounds in Tennessee(Hoopz hometown)..She even decided to play a joke on Shaq  by putting salt in his oj!!!!we know Shaq loves some games. We here Shaq also is a big tipper he left 30$ on his 20$ tab>>>

Fantasia hits "Good Morning America"

Fantasia did her rounds to promote her album "Back To Me " that's out today!!  She talked and also performed "Bittersweet" btw: her behind the music airs tonight @ 9 on VH1

Trick Daddy $$$$ writing a memoir

The self proclaimed Mayor of Miami Maurice "Trick Daddy " Young is writing a memoir entitled " Magic City :Trials of a native son which will hit stores in November..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Keyshia Cole and Boobie Gibson elope

Congratulations to Keyshia Cole and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson word is the couple got married a few weeks ago in Malibu....

Slain boys laid to rest

Shaquan Duley, the boys’ mother, is accused of smothering her children, then strapping their lifeless bodies into car seats and sinking the car in the Edisto River.

Authorities said Duley, a 29-year-old unemployed, single mother, may have been fed up with criticism from her mother and that her increasing frustration could have led to the killings.Funeral services were held Friday in Orangeburg, South Carolina

Real Housewives of ATL returns:

It's going down on the 3rd season of RHOA!!! The long anticipated show will  return on October 4 @9pm with Kandi, NeNe, Sheree, Kim with new hw's Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks.

Check out the sneak peek and read the cast bios here:http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-atlanta/bios

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tierra Marie and Trina out in Miami:

Trina and Tierra Marie partied it up at Club Play to celebrate her new movie Lottery Ticket

Jay-Z and Diddy top Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings

Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter takes the #1 spot on the 2010 Forbes’ Hip-hop’s Cash King List for the second consecutive year in a row!!!.
1. Shawn “Jay-Z Carter - $63 Million
2. Sean “Diddy” Combs - $30 million
3. Aliuane “Akon” Thiam - $21 million
4. Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter - $20 million
5. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young - $17 million
6. Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges - $16 million
7. Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus - $15 million
8. Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley - $14 million
9. Pharrell Williams - $13 million
10. Kanye West - $12 million

Queen Bey and Jay in on vacay in Italy

Queen Bey and Jay looking super cute all romantic and touch feely while on vacay together in Italy Beyonce is laid back Kickin' back a beer or just holding it for the paps  Jay is even a gentlemen as he helps Bey onto the boat!!!!!Awwwww!!!!

Mariah preggors:

Mariah Carey Cannon showed up in Brazil with a lil Nick Cannon in the oven!!! Even tho Mariah'a camp ia saying no it is plain to see that she has a little bun in the oven....Congrats Nick & Mimi

Bff's Kelly Rowland and Brandy out:

B Rock and her bff  Kelly enjoyed a night out at celeb hang out spot Katsuya...Brandy tweeted and said " enjoying a night out with my bestie in hollyweird.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Video Tuesday:

Gucci Mane: Makin Love to the Money

 Ice Berg ft Billie Blue: Hell Broke Loose

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where is Beyonce??

While Jay Z was out and about all over NYC and the Hamptons this weekend  with bff's Gwenth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin Beyonce' was no where in sight..We know she's taking a break but is this 1 of those signs that she is preggors and doesn't want to be seen???.

Get to steppin'

Fantasia married boo Antwuan Cook  went by his families home while his wife was at church and picked up a  few pieces and got to steppin'........

Not feeling the Heat:

Forward Udonis Haslem was arrested yesterday afternoon after police searched his car 3 times before they found medical  marijuana. Florida Highway Patrol officers pulled the Heat player over for having tinted windows they must have smelled weed ..Officers searched the car AND used drug dogs.
 Haslem released a statement today expressing confidence that he'll be vindicated.
"I am confident that once the judicial process runs its course, I will be cleared," Haslem said.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nike Limited Edition air Hov

Nike is releasing a Limited Edition Air Hov......all black everything....but i dont see what's so special about them anyway. The Air Hov is  already going for 2,oooon ebay

50 cent gonna start beef with Trey Songz now

Trey Songz called Ciara on stage gave her a massage and kissed her neck.....50 don't play that he'll start beef in a minute so be careful Trey......................

Fantasia's feeling "lucky"

A new song just  leaked that got left off Fantasia's album "Back to Me" the song is called "Lucky" and from the lyrics you can tell what Fanny loved about Antwuan.....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 World Basketball festival at Rucker Park in NYC

Today was the last day of the 2010 World basketball festival at Rucker Park in NYC. Carmelo, Chris Paul, and D-wade were the for the camp at the park along with Micheal Jordan who also went to the after party along with Jay-z and others...the after party was given by nike

The Queen smokes

Queen Latifah out with a new friend not her boo Jeanette who she was just with on Mr & Mrs. Beats honeymoon.Queen took in some sights in Spain and who knew she smokes squares....

Fanny meets up with Antwuan

Fanny meets up with Antwuan probably for the last time right after getting out of the hospital for almost overdosing off sleep aids and aspirins..vh1 cameras were right there to continue filming the second season of her show. obviously she is using the show so people can see how she was deceived by Antwan. This should make for some interesting tv.....well at least she covered the tattoo already

Fanny meets up with Antwuan probably for the last time right after getting out of the hospital for almost overdosing off sleep aids and aspirins..vh1 cameras were right there to continue filming the second season of her show. obviously she is using the show so people can see how she was deceived by Antwan. This should make for some interesting tv.....well at least she covered the tattoo already

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasia's near overdose off asprins and sleep aids

CNN reported that the r&b diva's near overdose was caused by aspirin and sleep aids.Her manager Brian Dickens had this to say:

"   Yesterday, she was totally overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention alleging she was involved with married man."
"  Last night, Fantasia was hospitalized. She took an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid. Her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time. Fantasia is stable now. She will be released from the hospital soon."

guess her and Antoine's love is defiantly "  bittersweet"

the police report when u click the link;

Gucci Mane walks out on interview when questioned about Wacka Flocka

Trina "My Bitches"

She stalked him so much until he put a ring on it:

Kansas City Chief and  Dolphins ex-wide receiver Chris Chambers  got married to his former stalker girlfriend Stacie "Cream" Saunders in Vegas.Just 2 weeks after his divorce was final. Chris and Stacie are following the trend of barely dry divorce papers(side eye)...


Chambers, who acknowledged having an affair with Saunders, filed a request for a restraining order this summer, saying she “launched an incessant attack verbally on me,  my wife, her mother and sister.” 

Back in December 2009, she was facing 11 misdemeanor counts for allegedly stalking and harassing the wide receiver’s family after the affair ended.Well I guess u gotta do what u gotta do to get what u want.Chris Chambers must have decided that it was cheaper to keep her       

 Congrats to the happy couple!!


Momma Whit and Bobbi Kris celebrate in the Bahamas

Whitney and Bobbi Kris celebrate Whitney's 47th birthday in the Bahamas over the weekend
and I will always Love you but Whitney looks like she lost her dentures on his pic.