Monday, July 12, 2010

Savannah...step your game up

Savannah girl you need to get yourself together or a stylist .you are gonna be a resident of the 305 you know what that means.Temptation... all that family talk on the court but what a bout off?Bron looks real handsome and there's a lot of chicks lining up around the block to be girlfriend #2. So we suggest you step ur game up..we know u don't have to prove anything to us as long as Bron Bron likes it... but shouldn't you spice it up?......just a lil bit!..and watch Bron Bron (put a ring on it)Lebron James
Or may be Labron does like the thicker girl like when him and Angela Beyonce(Beyon cousin and former personal assistant) used to date probably while he was in between babies with Savannah.I wonder how all that played out since they all were in attendence at Camelo and LaLa's wedding on Saturday..."awkward"

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