Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skripper Chronicles:Talks K-Mart

Life of a stripper is an exciting one compared to yours. There’s nothing wrong with being a wife and mother to your children. But there’s something to be said about living that carefree lifestyle where your bills are paid by the husbands and boyfriends of other women.Dallas’ Premier exotic dancer and blogger,Zeralyn, was at NBA Player K-Mart pool party
"So an insider *me* went to Kenyon Martins pool party this weekend and I must say it was the most yawn worthy pool (NOTE! THIS MANS HUSE IS UH FOOL!) party I have ever been to and LAWD knows I have been to some boring shit… Well I can say that he clearly is over TRINA due to the fact that big ass pair of red lips is covered all the way up ..I couldn’t see what he chose to cover it with because I wasn’t bout to be all up on his neck like that but yall get the drift…I’m not sure why in the hell he had passwords to get up in that hoe considering when I arrived it was some of the homeliest chicks Dallas had to offer in attendance. Although the cute females that were there all reminded me of Trina..Ummm ok…But, moving along I was side tracked when I got a drunk story from a former stripper turned athlete wife who gave me a long drawn out story about her husband some New York Jet player, that had a baby outside of their marriage…
“BLAH” welcome to damn near every bitch story boo…On a lighter note I think the food was catered I ate all of my food like a good fat girl! LOL if you want I can email the picture of the food I ate cause that was the best part of that experience…I wish I could share more like hoes was getting freaky…Kenyon pulled his dick out and girls fainted…Hell somebody peed in the pool but when I say NOT NOTHING happened…ugh…I’m like damn he needs sum freaky fun bitches in his life..IMMEDIATELY!
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